Flight Crew Self Defense

Flight Crew Self Defense is a Must

You never know what could happen on a flight. If a passenger attacks a flight attendant or even the pilot, you need to make sure they know how to defend themselves. At Aviaskills, we offer flight crew self defense so that you can train your employees more effectively. We use Krav Maga in most instances as we find it the best way to develop self-confidence while being able to neutralize any potential threat.


Self-defense focuses on situational awareness while helping to create a safer environment on the ground and in the air. Your employees will be taught to avoid and control the threat when possible. In the event that there is a severe threat, employees will be taught how to attack and neutralize.


While you hope that your flight and cabin crew never need to use the self-defense prep that they are taught, you can never be too cautious. The training lasts four hours and can be provided on dates that are flexible to meet your needs.


We limit the training to no more than 12 trainees at a time to ensure that we can provide the hands-on training. In the event that you have a large number of crew members that need to go through the training, we are capable of providing back-to-back courses to get everyone compliant.


It’s important to provide flight crew self defense because you simply never know what’s going to happen. We offer these courses in Évreux, Normandy France as well as throughout the globe at your convenience. Should you need a custom training course at your facilities, please contact us directly.


We look forward to providing you with comprehensive training so that your flight and cabin crew are better prepared. With training around the globe, customized to meet your needs, and offered in both French and English, we have the skills to help your airlines.