Flight Crew Self Defense Courses

Provide Flight Crew Self Defense Courses Today

At Aviaskills, we are proud to offer flight crew self defense courses. This makes it easier for you to send your flight crew up to cruising altitude knowing that they have the ability to defend themselves in the event of a passenger getting too aggressive.


We have found that Krav Maga is one of the most successful forms of self-defense. There are a variety of techniques that allow someone to take down an opponent, regardless of the size differential. When you require cabin crew self defense courses, you can turn to us to provide you with the reliable training that is compliant with AMC1 ORO.GEN.110a.


Self-defense preparation and situational awareness provides a high level of confidence and creates a safer environment both in the air and on the ground.


Throughout the four-hour training, your crew will learn how to avoid the threat. If the threat cannot be avoided, they will learn how to control the threat. In the event that the threat cannot be avoided or controlled, they will learn about attacking and neutralizing the threat using Krav Maga as well as other techniques.


When you turn to Aviaskills, we can provide the training at a location of ours or at your facilities. The training can be offered in French or English. We can also be flexible on training dates to ensure that your crew is trained when and where it’s necessary.


With cabin crew self defense courses, we limit the number of trainees to 12 to ensure that everyone is capable of learning. We find that if too many people are being trained at once, it limits the amount of hands-on interaction.


There’s never a way of knowing what will happen when you are dealing with passengers. Someone could be looking to cause harm to the flight, someone could be intoxicated, or there could be another issue. Regardless, you can have flight crew self defense courses provided so that your crew has more confidence and you have more peace of mind that threats are being properly addressed.