Theoretical exam

The theoretical test is written. It is in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire. The theoretical test consists of a minimum of 2 questions per them. It lasts one hour and 30 minutes.

Practical exam

The practical test shall verify the candidate's ability to ensure a rapid and efficient safety of passengers, in particular through the use of the various safety equipment and in carrying out the exercises of assistance and rescue to passengers.

Learners are evaluated on their reactions to different situations, both on procedure and on the use of appropriate materials.
The practical test consists of two parts : a part on safety aspects and a part on medical and first aid aspects.


The exam is considered succed when the candidate obtains an average score between theoretical and practical tests equal to or greater than 80%.


Candidates who do not complete the entire course are not eligible to take the exam.

In case of illness or exceptional situation, a certificate will be required and a remedial course will be given them so that they can take the examination.