Flight Crew Dangerous Goods

Aviaskills  provides open scheduled Dangerous Goods Regulation courses for airlines or aviation operators not allowed to carry Dangerous Goods.


Multi Flight Crew

Single Flihgt Crew

From :

  • Operators

  • Airlines

  • SPO (Special Operations)

Who is Concerned ?

  • Open course (Crew members from different operators)

  • Competency-based approach

  • Class capacity:              Flexible from only 1 – 10 trainees

  • Duration 4 hours

  • Documentation provided by Aviaskills

  • Assessment: MQC

Course Format

The course complies with

-IATA DGR regulation



  • Identify and classify dangerous goods

  • Recognize dangerous goods labels and package specification markings

  • Detect hidden dangerous goods in baggage

  • Understand provisions for dangerous goods in the baggage of passengers and crew

  • Follow basic dangerous goods emergency response procedures

Course Content


  • English

  • French

Next Training

  • 06 Sept 2019 (French)

  • 11 sept 2019 (French)

  • Our open course is a fexible way to register crew members when they are available.


  • Paris Le Bourget

This course is also available at:

  • Lisbon

  • In-house sessions at Customer's facilities , even abroad.


  • Prices will be sent upon request