Cabin Crew Self Defense



Krav Maga is a method that allows to acquire self-defense techniques and develop self-confidence. It was originally founded by Imi Lichtenfeld developed in Israel in the army, elite units and anti-terrorist services. It has been adopted by many police and elite troops around the world. Krav Maga can be practiced in all places including aircraft.

Who is Concerned?


Airline and Corporate

Cabin Crew

Course Format

  • Open Course

  • Class capacity:              Flexible from only 1 to 12 trainees

  • Duration:  4 hours

Course Content

AMC1 ORO.GEN.110(a)

Flight Crew self-defense preparation and situational awareness helps to create a safer environment in the air and on the ground:

  • AVOID the threat

  • CONTROL the threat

  • ATTACK and neutralize the threat


  • French

  • English

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  • Paris

  • Customer's facilities, even abroad.


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