Cabin Crew Training Virtual Reality

Cabin Crew Training with Virtual Reality Provides Better Results

It’s hard to prepare your crew for the worst-case scenario when they have never experienced the worst-case scenario. At Aviaskills, we have created a solution – flight crew VR training. By using virtual reality, it allows us to ensure that your crew has more hands-on experience with the various scenarios that could happen during a flight.


Thanks to new technology, it allows us to take simulators to the next level. Cabin crew training virtual reality style is capable of making quite the impact with your team. They’ll feel more confident as they learn skills. Additionally, the visual tools can help with learning a variety of concepts.


The benefits are significant. Competence-based training is easily implemented. It fully immerses your crew into learning. Plus, it provides a higher level of situational awareness with the crew. We’re excited to offer cabin crew training virtual reality sessions within our various courses. These are combined with instructors to provide in-depth training in an array of topics focused on training your aircrew.


We offer a wide array of courses, many that last for three days. The training locations can vary from Paris to Lisbon to in-house sessions within your facilities. We will provide the flexibility necessary for your training dates while also providing the training in English and/or French. The course content will focus on such things as accident and incident reporting, human factors and crew resource management, cooperation with the crew, and various customizations based on the standard operating procedures of your airline.


Our competitive pricing ensures that you are able to take care of all of the flight crew VR training that is necessary while also providing a more intense training session for your crew. We are happy to answer any questions and help you register your crew for any of the courses that we offer.