Cabin Crew Training

Take Advantage of Flight & Cabin Crew Training

Flight crew training is our specialty at Aviaskills. It allows us to provide your crew with higher levels of training to ensure that they are prepared for any situation. We offer a variety of courses, allowing you to choose the topic that is most critical for your crew, including how to handle emergency procedures.


You can take advantage of cabin crew training in Évreux, Normandy France as well as in other parts of the world. We are happy to set up a location at your facilities and are flexible to meet all of the needs of your training requirements.


Single cabin crew training typically includes a course format that lasts for three days. There will be an instructor as well as flight simulation. We take a competence-based approach and can tailor the course to meet the standard operating procedures of your airline.


Flight crew training incorporates a variety of details, including the coordination and communication with all flight crew, dealing with disruptive passengers, operator requirements, documentation, incident reporting, flight and duty time limitations, and so much more.


By the time your crew goes through the full training, you can be confident that they are fully capable of handling everything on land and in the air. This piece of mind can make it easier for you to sit back while knowing that there are going to be safe flights each and every time.


We offer a significant amount of flexibility when it comes to training dates. We also offer the training in English and French.


When you are ready to learn more about our crew training and how the courses can be tailored to meet your needs, contact us. We will provide pricing upon request when you are ready to book the training and move forward.